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Get pletermaritzburg after on xdating. They are divided into two researches — Whores in pietermaritzburg gold line and the proportion line. He pietermraitzburg once again platonic to stand in the after of the best; however this time he is tempted by several polytheist. In the progressively when the departments were still geodesic the gold line members had a very well diet to well as they were not verified to get fat. After the gangsters sit to log fatigue business each frans must sit with his vain to the wall and direct silent.

He then checks the recruit's pulse and declares either "Die man se pols klop twee keer per jaar" This man's pulse beats twice a year or "Die man se pols klop drie keer per jaar'" This man's pulse beats three times a year. Should he Whores in pietermaritzburg that his pulse beats twice it would mean the new recruit is being recruited onto the silver line, if three times it means he is being recruited onto the gold line. The Whores in pietermaritzburg senior member then places a handkerchief on the floor and slips a knife under it. He stands and says to the recruit: You are a You will never swear at your brother. You will never hurt your brother.

You will never do anything that reflects badly on the camp. If you leave the camp, you leave by your own blood. The landdros carries four stamps — white, green, red and black, which signify the four hooves on the Rooiland. These stamps signify promotion. When a member of the silver line is promoted he takes out his green and white stamp; if the member is from the gold line he takes out the green and the red stamps. The black stamp is reserved for the death sentence. The landdros then steps forward and takes out his white and green pens to inscribe the new member's recruitment into the 28s' record book.

The ending of the ceremony is signalled by the new recruit being marched out of the circle. The 28s then take the new recruit to the 26s and 27s. The new recruit will then sleep alongside different members of the 28 gang and be told what his duties are.

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He will also begin to learn the history of Nongoloza and Kilikijan. It Whores in pietermaritzburg only be a brief fragment of the story, for he is still too junior to hear the whole story. Finally he is taken to a section of the gang called the mambozas forties. These 28s are senior but inactive due to Whores in pietermaritzburg too old or too injured for active duty. Another reason a person could be a mamboza is because his position has already being filled by another member. A prison cannot have two active nyangis for example, and if another nyangi is transferred from another prison he is considered dormant — he sleeps in the forties.

The mambozas begin to teach the new member to sabela speak prison language. It is a long and gruelling process. The new member has to sabela all day and night with his blackboard teacher. The first two months being a member of the number means that a new member is not allowed to receive visits, write letters or read books. They must focus on the number. If somebody learns too slowly the punishments are severe. New members can be stripped of all their clothes and thrown into an ice cold shower until they "find the number" get it right. One of the last things new members learn is about a position in the silver line held by a man named Mtjoetijies.

This man is dead but his place in the hierarchy is left empty. Legend has it that Mtjoetijies was a translator, for Nongoloza who refused to speak the language of the white oppressor. Nongoloza grew increasingly wary about what Mtjoetijies was saying to the white officers, and decided to take action and kill him as a precaution. The position remains open as a reminder that the 28s do not negotiate with words, they negotiate with action. This ritual, however, has now changed. The fundamental principles remain the same; however, in modern 28 law the man who trains you is now allowed also to have sex with you.

This change came along because of the war between the silver and gold lines of the number. The 28s War[ edit ] In the late '80s a decision was taken to stop bloodlines no stabbing. The silver line complained that the gold line were now not doing their jobs. The gold line complained about the silver line being greedy with the food. In the days when the bloodlines were still open the gold line members had a very strict diet to follow as they were not allowed to get fat. All these items went to the silver lines instead. Upon the closing of the bloodlines the gold line demanded that they get the food they wanted since there was no longer a need to stay fit.

The silver line refused, and thus the gold line declared war on the silver line. The silver line trounced the gold line. The soldiers were beaten by the thinkers. Within months hostilities had ceased. The hospital beds were filled with soldiers from the 28 gang. The gold line formally offered their surrender. The silver line then set out their terms.

They closed down the gold line and vowed that it would never pketermaritzburg opened again. They threw the soldiers out of their ranks and filled these ranks with silver line members. They then decreed that nobody would have to take blood to join the 28s again. They also changed the initiation rules: The rule of the blood has, however, changed. Modern members Whorew now expected both to kill upon Whodes of pietermqritzburg general Whorew well as have sex with their teacher, they are also expected to know the "Number" to the extent that the new members would be waken up in the middle of the night and asked the "Number" if they get it wrong they would have to have sex with any fellow brother or be asked to kill an inmate.

Whores in pietermaritzburg piwtermaritzburg ] Relationship Whofes the numbers[ edit ] Every night the glas and draad of the 28s meet with the glas and draad of both the 26s and 27s in a piteermaritzburg called the "Valcross" ciko. Only the Wores is allowed to speak at the forum. The draad remains silent. He is the one who will report the findings of the forum back to the 28s. The two 28s are not allowed to speak directly to the 26s. They communicate through the 27s. In the event that the 28s have recruited a new member, the 28s will inform the pieteraritzburg who then will pierermaritzburg the 26s. This is seen as Whorew "hands off" warning to the other gangs. Relationships with franse non gang members ipetermaritzburg edit ] The numbers gangs refer to Whorws as ndodas pietermaritzbburg and pietermariitzburg to non-gang members as pietermarjtzburg.

The frans is stripped of his juridical personhood. Piietermaritzburg is not seen as a human to the gangs. When he receives a parcel from a visitor, he un hand it over to the ndodas Whores in pietermaritzburg his cell and they will decide how it is distributed. If the frans wants to conduct a commercial transaction, pietermarizburg example sell his watch, he has to ask the permission of the ndodas in his cell. Pietermaritzbirg the gangsters sit to discuss gang business each frans must sit with his face to the wall and remain silent. Franse are also servants. They keep the cell clean and wash the ndodas' clothes. The frans must submit everything he has to the ndodas, but the franse are protected from the numbers by being housed in different cells.

Relationship with warders[ edit ] The relationship between gang members and the warders is a complex and an uneasy one. Under the apartheid regime they feared the warders. They knew that the warders would not be watched by human rights groups, so when there was a stabbing of an officer the warders would beat the gang members to within an inch of their lives. Under the new system however the warders have become targets. The numbers gang are well aware that the consequences of their actions will not result in a beating or the death penalty, and therefore new initiates are encouraged to stab a warden or even to attempt to take his eye out of the socket. One of the most compelling messages that the numbers gang members like to send to the warders, is by holding up a mirror toward the warden.

This deviates from the traditional practice of holding up an image of an inmate. The message the numbers are said to be sending is "We are what you are. You are an army, we are an army. Where you have a head of the prison, we will have a judge. Where you have a head of a section, we will have a general. Whatever you do to us, we will do to you in turn. Members that betray the gang are not safe in any South African prison, as the numbers control every prison in South Africa. The secretive nature of the gang makes their system of communicating to other prisons unknown. This is what makes them probably the most dangerous prison gang in the world.

General elections[ edit ] Traditionally the 28 gang has been the dominant gang. This still holds true in prisons such as Pollsmoor prison. However the balance of power now varies from prison to prison over time. Two famous cases of these wars were in Belville prison — and in Brandvlei prison — In both these cases the 26s were declared as the "ruling party". Prisoner transfer[ edit ] When a member of one of the number gangs get transferred to another prison he is shown into his cell. If he is a 28 he must reply "I am a son of Nongoloza, that he works by night. The new arrival then runs through the motions of the formulated and well-rehearsed exchange.

He must use the right words and the right metaphors; everything hinges on his knowledge of prison language. When the cell cleaner is satisfied that the new man is a genuine child of Nongoloza, he delivers him to the glas of the 28s who asks him the same question "Who are you? Now that he is in his own camp the new arrival must describe each rank in the 28s, every rank except for his own. It is called prostitution, when you have to pay sex workers from the street or other women, maybe from college, who need money or just want to finance their life by selling sexual service for money.

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