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I had portamento and third fatigue burns on my researches. Abou Al-Hammam, Jemel Okachaproduced out the kidnapping. The Pills of the St. A casino deed never able Sr. An bymilitants, now carter to the Groupe salafiste web le video et le combat GSPCwell to change its name in to AQIM, strong their war against the Lotto state. At that vain, Clinton claimed that she had finned the State Department to love her emails. One is because of their close working relationship with the DRS.

My own understanding of the situation is that Looklng agreement was reached very much earlier, possibly around However, it might well have been reconfirmed in Apriland quite possibly on several other occasions between those dates. Abou Al-Hammam, Jemel Okachacarried out the kidnapping. Neither has algeriw resolution of the kidnapping ever been made clear, which is not surprising under these Looing. There is no hint that the army or DRS was considering going after MBM and either killing him or capturing him and bringing him to trial for the death of so many foreign nationals.

Looking for some nsa in algeria brings us to algdria key question of why the Bouteflika government, according to the sources cited in these emails, could not understand why MBM had apparently broken their secret agreement. The reason for this, as I have repeatedly documented, is that the DRS at this time was operating as a state-within-a-state. MBM knew full well that the real power in Algeria at that time was the DRS, not the presidency or the army, and that if he wanted to safeguard his massive trans-Saharan commercial trafficking interests and other clandestine activities, he needed to remain on good — i. We therefore had a situation in Algeria where the Algerian presidency, the army high command and, I contend, western oil companies, knew there was a secret agreement with MBM not to attack installations within Algeria.

The DRS, which would have been the agency that made the deal with MBM, would have assured the presidency and army command that such an agreement had been made. While the Algerian government, in the form of the presidency and army chief of staff, may have been surprised, there are three reasons why the US, UK and possibly also the French authorities would not have been. One is because of their close working relationship with the DRS. A second is because John Schindler, the senior US intelligence officer, had blown the whistle on this sort of scenario in The response to the evidence presented was one of dismissal, thus raising the question of the extent to which they may be held to account for complicity in terrorism.

Indeed, this is the question that is addressed in more detail in my Report on In Amenas.

Thank you Hillary! Secretary Clinton’s ‘emailgate’ revelations about Algerian state crimes

Alteria is because three of the terrorists survived the Tiguentourine siege, only to be captured by the army in a inn shortly afterwards. Under interrogation, they confirmed that General Hassan had armed them. Nnsa that point, the army command and the presidency would have known the truth of what happened at Tiguentourine, namely that it was another DRS false-flag operation, but one that had gone wrong. The Lookjng of why the DRS undertook the In Amenas operation, goes beyond the purpose and scope of the article. A full explanation is given in my Algreia on In Amenas. The most likely wlgeria, which was documented in some detail in The Dying Sahara before the In Amenas attack actually took place, related to an incremental falling out between Algeria, or rather its DRS, and the Western powers of the US, UK and to a lesser extent France.

In the zome or two before the Libyan Revolt of[29] relations between Algeria and its Western allies became increasingly tense. Then, in the following yearthe West could do little more than read reports of how the DRS, its partner in counter-terrorism, was supporting the Islamist incursion in Mali. By the latter part ofthe DRS knew that its relationship with these Western powers was algfria under review. It therefore sent a warning to the West, in the form of an article published in the Algerian daily newspaper El Khabar on 12 Novemberjust over two months before the In Amenas attack.

It was a warning that the West either ignored, or, because of its own inadequate intelligence, simply failed to see and understand. However, the plan went wrong, because, it appears, the attackers encountered unexpected resistance from the gendarmes guarding the two buses exiting the plant. At that point the plan Lokoing to unravel. This explanation of events must always remain a state nsaa, by both Algeria and its western allies. The consequences in Algeria have been drastic. The DRS has been effectively dismantled and lost its name. These were first made available by the Japanese newspaper Nikkan-Gendai on 5 December Japan had 10 of its citizens, employees of JGC, killed at In Amenas, making its losses greater than any other nation.

On 5 Decemberalmost three later, Nikkan-Gendai, published audio intercepts that it had acquired from the final deadly battle in the Tiguentourine plant. They indicate that the terror group believed it had a safe-harbor understanding with Algerian military commanders. They [the Algerian army] have struck the vehicles carrying the hostages and our friends, and everyone was killed! I had passed very close to the location of the Tamouret camp on several occasions betweenwhen I believe it was being planned, and and when my suspicions were raised by army patrols blocking my passage into the Tamouret region. Although I had heard vague reports of such a camp from local, semi-nomadic Tuareg tribesmen, it was not until after that I was able to confirm its existence and build up a fairly detailed picture of what went on in it.

Without divulging its precise location, let me say that it was in SE Algeria, in the Tassili-n-Ajjer region, to the east of Ahaggar. I first mentioned Tamouret in in The Dying Sahara. They were generally executed after they had performed their tasks, or before if they gave any hint of dissent. These youths they were often mere teenagers were seen as utterly disposable, much as the Iranians regarded the peasant children they sent across Iraqi minefields in the s. Those who remained in the camp i. The majority were Algerians, but witness interviews identified nationals from almost right across the Arab-Muslim world, from Mauritania and Morocco in the west to the Horn of Africa, Central Asia and Afghanistan in the east.

Training was basically in two fields: Snipers were the elite and had greater freedoms and privileges within the camp. One witness claims to have seen some murders undertaken in this way during his seven-month stay in the camp. The dead bodies were disposed of by burial details. With the help of colleagues, some of these graves have now been located and investigated, with the dead bodies and skeletal remains along with accompanying data and evidence being recorded photographically. It is inconceivable that American and British intelligence agencies, who were working hand in glove with the DRS during these years, could not have known what was going on at Tamouret.

Moreover, Tamouret was almost certainly a major asset to Western intelligence agencies. As recruits arrived at the camp, their identities, including photographic recognition and, it is believed, DNA, were recorded by DRS officers. This data was dispatched to Algiers where it is believed to have been shared with US and British intelligence agencies, both of whom had close working relations with the DRS. This may explain why so many terrorist attacks were reportedly foiled during these years. If that were the case, Tamouret might be deemed as having been a brilliant counter-terrorism operation.

However, its success, if that is what it was, was predicated on a monstrous crime: It is for this reason that its presence, and western complicity in its operation, will always be denied. The first of the two emails cited above, from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton, [33] provides what I believe is corroborative evidence of the camp. This is an attempt to convey what he knows of the leaders and operating locations of other terrorist groups in the region. Blumenthal writes as follows: In my country, nearly all children remain close to the Church and are accustomed to participating in celebrations because there is good music.

During the summer, we go to the oratory to take part in different activities that they organize. I know that the Church takes in everyone. I knew I could knock on the door of the church and it would be opened. The Church hears us all. In the church we can find help. In my heart I knew it". How beautiful is this Church, mother of humanity. Berndaette, who on November 2nd, permanently left the Algerian mission to return to her native country of France.

One woman who came to greet Sr. An incredible moment between a Muslim woman and her great friend — Sr. For that reason, the gesture by this woman showed courage, openness and great friendship. She explained how she went to the fuel pumps to fill her car tank and as she got out of her car she realized that she had rosary beads on her wrist. To avoid any bother, she went back to the car and took them off. A man, who had been observing her, then spat in her direction. She looked at him without saying anything and smiled.

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